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Forgot your password? By Jinraider. Submitted May 8. By MrHerp. Updated July 21, By SaafRats.
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As predictable as the sunrise, Dead or Alive 5 nude mods appear

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Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round All Naked Mods (All Women Nude) - video dailymotion

Here are a bunch of mods for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round which strip the female characters of their clothes, modeling their naked bodies down to the nipple and labia majora. Judging by the reactions on Game Vixen Zone, a forum where people talk about and share content related to attractive female video game characters, a modder that goes by the name of Vergil had nude mods out as soon as March 30, the same day! You can find the mod on Vergil's website, Lustful Illumination , though it's been a little spotty since it was written about in Kotaku. Otherwise, we won't be able to release a title for PC again. Are we now to assume that Koei Tecmo will not release another game on PC ever again? I doubt it, or at least it won't be because of the nude mods.
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'Dead or Alive 5' Warned Players Not to Make Nude Mods, So They Made Nude Mods

Otherwise, we won't be able to release a title for PC again. Just kidding! It actually took about a day, according to Kotaku , for the first DOA5 nude mods to turn up, like this selection from Lustful Illumination which, in case it actually needs to be clarified, is very not safe for work : topless, bottomless, and fully nude, which includes what must be one mightily uncomfortable piece of string.
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